2017 Tri-Service Cadet Graduation Parade

Princess Royal Fortress
Sunday 26th November 2017
9.00am to 11.00am

The Tri-Service Cadet Graduation Parade has been a highlight of the Cadet Program since 1993. From a humble start the Parade is now proudly celebrating 24 years in the community of Albany.

The three Cadet Units take it turns to organise and coordinate the yearly parade. This year will see TS Vancouver Navy Cadets host the Parade during which the top three Cadets from each Unit is presented with their Award by the Reviewing Officer.

The Parade is supported by the Princess Royal Guard who provide a 9 pound Gun Salute during the Parade and is followed by Morning Tea/Lunch for the Cadets, Staff and Parents.

Further Information can be obtained by contacting SBLT Graeme Palmer on 0429 063 607.