Gun Firing and Salute

The Princess Royal Fortress carries out gun firings of an original nine pound gun several times every year. Bring the family down and enjoy the spectacle of a real nine pound gun being fired. You may want to cover your ears though! 


There are no more 9 Pound Gun Firings for 2020. Please check back in July 2020 for the 2020/2021 Financial Year firing dates.



A brief history of Princess Royal Fortresses 9 pound guns

These two guns were part of the inititial armament of the forts where six ‘nine-pounders’ were delivered to Albany, Western Australia and distributed throughout the colony in 1893. Two stayed in Albany where they were assembled and fired on Wednesday May 24th 1893 to mark Queen Victoria’s birthday, the ruling monach of that time.

In recent years the guns have been restored back to workable order and are now used for ceremonial occassions and public demonstrations, giving many visitors to Albany a look and feel of what it is like to fire one of these guns.

These nine-pounders:

These guns were made at the Royal Gun Factory Woolwich in 1874 and were the last type of muzzle-loading artillery used by the British Army.

Muzzle-loading is the act by pushing (ramming) the powder charge and the projectile (shell) down the bore (barrel) from into the muzzle.  This was the main system for small arms and artillery until the early 1880’s.  It was replaced by the modern method of opening the rear of the barrel and loading – breech-loading.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this exhibition may include names, images, and references to people who have since passed away.